Attrition – Sons of Alpha Centauri – Cancervo – Chastity Belt – album reviews

This time around we have the long awaited, eagerly anticipated new album from Coventry’s ‘dark industrial pioneers’ ATTRITION, the ‘searing post hardcore, alternative metal and progressive hazy rock’ of Sons of Alpha Centauri. The ‘Italian doom mountaineers’ Cancervo and the… Continue Reading

Attrition – Frozen Soul – Pere Ubu – VA – М​у​з​ы​к​а​л​ь​н​о​е П​р​и​н​о​ш​е​н​и​е (Musical Offering) album reviews

This time on the album review page you get the dark electronics of the original Attrition line up live in the Cage, the brutal ice cold death metal of Frozen Soul, the manic wonderful new album from Pere Ubu and… Continue Reading

MATTERS – Attrition – B.E.F. – Edredon Sensible – album and E.P reviews

Fighting Boredom give you a new review page, with the beautiful electronics of MATTERS, the dark synth beats of Attrition, the pioneering electronica of B.E.F. and the frankly bonkers Jazz of Edredon Sensible, read what we thought below. MATTERS Echolocations… Continue Reading

Singles March 10th

So we are back in the pub with a fistful of new tracks to listen to and share our thoughts about.. so the Photographers back from the bar and we can begin.. The Noise Who Runs – Beautiful Perhaps This… Continue Reading

Richard Pinhas – Attrition – Popcorn Double Feature – Coventry Live Review

Sink or Swim Promotions presents Richard Pinhas – Attrition – Popcorn Double Feature Just Dropped In Records – Coventry – 19th November 2022 Richard Pinhas is internationally recognized as one of France’s major experimental musicians: the “father” of French electronic music.… Continue Reading