Singles March 10th

So we are back in the pub with a fistful of new tracks to listen to and share our thoughts about.. so the Photographers back from the bar and we can begin..

The Noise Who Runs – Beautiful Perhaps

This has a big old indie drum beat, nice surf guitar which along with the Goth sounding singing it sounds ace. The photographer agrees, it’s got a nice bit of fuzziness and gothy vocal, I like this.

On – Break You

This has a hard punk sound but a whiney vocal and as far as it goes, it’s alright. The photographer says that the vocal is far too nice. Its like.. why bother? It’s not memorable or danceable.

Quiz Show – The Sound Of Kissing

This reminds me very much of Sonic Youth and I like it, it’s pretty good. The photographer agrees saying he quite likes this, it’s got the Sonic Youths about it, not bad at all.

Iguana Death Cult – Sensory Overload

I like this a lot, it’s got spikey post punk funk with added completely unnecessary saxophone which in my mind makes it absolutely ace

The photographer doesn’t get it at all, he quite likes the funky bit but I don’t get it..

Healthyliving – Sensory Overload

This one is slow and heavy with a lost female vocal, I like it a lot. The photographer says that it is dreary, but not in a bad way, and it’s big that great big doomy bottom end on it.

The Ocean – Parabiosis

I thought that this was interesting with a dark synth electronic intro, but then it seems to turn into Linkin bloody Park. Not for me. The photographer concurs and adds, or a rubbishy Placebo.

Dez Dare – Bozo

Dez brings us an ace fuzzy groove, it’s nice and simple and loud. The photographer likes the way it just keeps driving forward and that the drums never vary. He’s a big fan of the otters on the video on Spotify.

Beachcombers – Kahuna

Now this is brilliant surfer twang and rolling drums, straight from the Hi-Tide record label that excel in this stuff.  The photographer says that this is fantastic, hopefully there’s an album of this stuff. At the moment this has claimed single of the week.

The Church – No Other You

A slice of New Zealand indie. It’s lush and great and just sounds like them, if you like The Church it’s for you. However, the photographer isn’t so forgiving, but he is trying to be constructive he says. It’s proper shoegazey, But it doesn’t go anywhere. Slow dreary, not in a good way and it doesn’t get me to want to listen to any more of it.

Fred V feat Hamzaa – Freefall

This is sunny soulful drum and bass. The photographer says that he was looking forward to this as he’s a big Hospital Records fan and after a minute it does get better but the vocal is a bit too sweet and a bit high. It’s a bit of a formula hospital records track, just not quite there.

Svntax Error – Relentless

It’s got a really good drum sound to start but a bit too shiny and polished for me. The photographer says that it starts quite nicely and then builds quite nicely so you are looking forward to it and then it just gets a bit … not unpleasant. 

Tape Runs Out – Paperback

This is just twee fey indie and not really my thing. The photographer adds that it doesn’t stand out for him either.

Frankie Rose – Come Back

A big slice of synth pop polished and bright. The photographer agrees and says it’s very eighties but it’s a bit disappointing, it could have been great.

Klidas – Shores

I think that this is a lush jazz instrumental that turns into massive guitar sound, an ace track. However the Photographer sums this up with, I listened to this last night and don’t remember it, just dreadful.

Object Of Affection – Run Back

A synth laden indie pop song with a catchy eighties sound. The photographer counters with it’s got a Psychedelic Furs vocal and it’s not a catchy tune is it – far too long at 2 mins

TEKE::TEKE – Garakuta

A big bonkers psych out, wonderful. The photographer agrees, I’ve no idea what’s happening, no idea hat its about or anything and those insane vocals going on. Yeah its up there. 

Live Skull – Magic Consciousness

There’s nothing outstanding here, it’s just a decent alt rock song, the photographer says at least it starts straight, no unnecessary intro but it’s middle of the road rock.

Mandy, Indiana – Pinking Shears

All I can say is that this is an absolute bonkers of a mish mash and I really like it. Photographer says he was really looking forward to this and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s odd and has no discernible tune.

Liturgy – Before I Knew The Truth

This is black metal and it’s ace, it ends with piano and chimes. The photographer says that this is repetitive, he has quite liked the other liturgy stuff we’ve heard and this isn’t up to that.

Bike – O Torto Santo

This has a grimy guitar, a delicate melody, a high vocal and is led by the bass line. It’s melodic sunshine drenched prog and goes all wonky at the end. The photographer says that it doesn’t do anything but the wonky bit at the end is good.

Me Lost Me – Eye Witness

Odd sounds and a nice voice but I’m really not sure about this one. Photographer says he doesn’t remember this one either, It’s not a memorable track.

The Sun Or The Moon – Surfin’ Around Saturn

I like this ace prog waffling. It doesn’t do much for the photographer, just plods along for far too long.

Doktor, Serum, Agent Sasco – Why You Waiting?

The photographer says this another Hospital formula track, he doesn’t like the vocal through the vocoder.


I don’t like this one, it’s just not very good synth pop. The Photographer says it starts off dreadful and then continues, it’s not even happy dance music, it’s hotel bar in Spain in the background inoffensive plop music… which makes it quite offensive.

Kelela – Enough For Love

This is soulful funk  very smooth and not really me. The photographer says it’s like one of them continuous pop music videos like you see at my barbers. Not impressed

Skating Polly – Hickey King

This is a great female fronted distortion drenched punk nasty track. The photographer was hoping for it to be a bit harder, it gets better towards the end and then you think it finishes but it doesn’t.. but should have..the best bit is at the end

Mushroom Giant – Owls

A great slow stoner rock track. The photographer says it’s  a bit of Jeffk, a bit of Ozric Tentacles, bit of mogwai and a bit of Godspeed You! Black Emperor .. I don’t mind it all.

We both realise at the same moment that of course it could be worse, the pub is paying the Foo Fighters

Protomartyr – Make Way

Just perfect, single of the week as far as I’m concerned. The Photographer adds quiet loud loud loud quiet loud quiet loud loud, cant wait for the album.

Attrition – The Switch

This is a great funk bass dance track, both vocals perfect for the song, excellent. The Photographer says that this single is pure Attrition Julia’s voice adds  that little bit of oddity, 

Right, so single of the week is either Beachcombers or Protomartyr, I’m not sure we decided, well listen and read and let us know which ones you like

All words by Martin Ward and Adrian Bloxham

Beer by Twisted Barrel Coventry

Adrian Bloxham

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  1. Top female guessed reviewer thinks TEKE::TEKE is single of the week. It just bonkers 😁😁😁👍👍🤪 all the rest mhhhh. Apart from attrition, but may be bios there as I love attrition anyway. Love bird.

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