Fighting Boredom listen to music as much as we can, old, new and classic stuff that we love and are growing to love. This page is all about the tunes that we think you will like too, so delve in and play them loud, anything that you like hunt out the rest that the band has done, find more, keep looking. To sum up, this is music for your listening pleasure, any track that we think is worth a share is here on this page. If you have anything you think we should be listening to just let us know.


Xeno & Oaklander – Insomnia

A smooth, cool electro track

Kap Bambino – Erase

French electro-punk with an excellent energy filled track

Bob Mould – Lost Faith

From Sunshine Rock, Bob Mould turns round the negativity of the times and presents us with a ‘high-end music video for a catchy, inspirational, uplifting pop song.’


Bilge Pump – Gondwana Girl
Gondwana Girl is, say the band, a ‘three minute pop song hiding inside an eight minute psychedelic opus’ utterly bonkers and quite wonderful

Sunn O))) – Life Metal album trailer

A teaser for the new album coming out in April, full on drone and guitars, just what you expect.

No Man’s Valley – Lies

A messy psychedelic groove from the Netherlands.


Big Business – Let Them Grind

Let Them Grind is a drum led, overloaded with riffs angry seventies tinged huge rock track. Massive.


Death Valley Girls – Street Justice

Death Valley Girls have announced a UK tour at the start of March alongside this they have released a new single Street Justice with a suitably odd video.

Bellrope – Old Overholt

Noisy, grinding nasty and full of attitude, Bellrope’s single is a good indicator of how good the album is


Jayle Jayle – No Trail

A brooding, menacing long track that feels lost and hopeless, slow and withheld music that makes you want more

Sunwatchers – Greeneyed Pihmen (Get the Blade)

Bonkers psychedelica  from their new album Illegal Moves



Holy Moly and the Crackers – All I Got Is You

A stomping pop song, gloriously happy and unashamed, excellent

Plenty – Every Stranger’s Voice

An album that has taken thirty years to complete? This is the case with Plenty’s It Could Be Home, here’s the first track to be released, a pop torch song that is lush, delicate and emotional.

Holy Motors – I Will Try

Estonian shoegaze psych astronauts with an epic sounding track from their debut album.

Ezra Furman – Love You So Bad

A barely held together ode to infatuation and love, you can feel the tension in his voice as a symphonic background plays on completely at odds with his voice, a great track

Belle Adair – Get Away

A Massive harmonising indie triumph that builds and builds, warm and enveloping.

Gulp – Morning Velvet Sky – Richard Norris Remix

This is a great get in your head trance tinged danceathon, brilliant and eight minutes long. A departure from the original track but well worth your time.

Kalli Ma – High Shot

An electronic bass-heavy Leftfield tinged track from the London based Post-Punk duo.

Cindy Wilson – Brother

That’s the Cindy Wilson from the B52’s with an appropriately weirded out version of sci-fi pop, wonderful.

Yours – Three Moves Ago – Carriages

A London based electronic two piece, they have shared two new instrumental tracks

Salad Boys – Exaltation

New Zealand’s Salad Boys have a touch of REM and The Chills but also sound just like themselves, this is off their forthcoming second album

Major Parkinson – Baseball

A new single by ‘outlandish Norwegian cult prog phenomena’ truly bonkers!

Les Lekin – Morph

Heavy Psychedelia from Austria, from their forthcoming album Died With Fear