Todeskino – Crushtrash x Nicholas Langley – Melondruie – Eric Chenaux Trio – Martha Rose – Ora Cogan – Haunted Plasma – Lowlives – album reviews

Fighting Boredom delve deep into the files sent over and bought for another bumper reviews page, this time we give you Todeskino who we see ‘Ranging from sweet pop ambient to glitchy, beat-collapsing IDM’ Crushtrash x Nicholas Langley who ‘blend… Continue Reading

Halma – Moral Putrefacion – Daniel Jack McClennan – Michal Gutman – Boneripper – Barry Ryan – Three Second Kiss – BEAK> – album reviews

This is another big one, with the ‘instrumental long player’ from Halma where ‘the sound structure grinds and flies’. Moral Putrefaction who ‘portray death metal against the backdrop of India’s political and socio-economic landscape.’ Daniel Jack McClennan’s ‘poignant and introspective… Continue Reading

GBH – Lightheaded – Softcult – Cathari – Sentiment Dissolve – Vibrators – Khanate – album reviews

This time we give you a ’37 track two CD deluxe digipack containing all of the singles issued by “UK/82” Punk Rock legends G.B.H.’ Lightheaded who ‘are, simply, a great pop group.’ Softwave’s ‘ enthralling, celestial shoegaze bliss and crushing… Continue Reading

9-Volt Velvet – Angelic Upstarts – How To Dress Well – Martin Bisi – Meanwhile Project Ltd – Darko – album reviews

This time we have the ‘indie dreamgaze’ of 9-Volt Velvet. The re-issue of debut album from street punk legends Angelic Upstarts. The ‘joy in unexpected connection’ of How To Dress Well. Martin Bisi’s exploration of the ‘interplay between urban environments… Continue Reading

TENHORNEDBEAST – The Rogues – John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies – Enablers – Rated Eye – Pokey LaFarge – album reviews

This time we bring you the ‘shimmering, heathen drone from TenHornedBeast’. The Rogues with their intention ‘to shake the foundations of Irish rock and spread their “rebellion” beyond borders.’JOHN CARPENTER, CODY CARPENTER & DANIEL DAVIESlatest collection of music ‘Inspired by… Continue Reading

Harvestman – Merzbow & Meat Beat Manifesto – Pound Land – Adult Jazz – The Lost Letters – Poppy H – album reviews

Today we give you Harvestman’s ‘signpost to the sacred that might not indicate where to look, but how.’ in the first part of his trilogy of albums to come this year. The ‘unique collaboration between Industrial Breakbeat pioneers MEAT BEST… Continue Reading

The Balboas – BIG|BRAVE – Death Wishlist – Melvins – album reviews

For your pleasure and delectation this time fighting boredom bring you the ‘punk surf sensation’ of The Balboas and their album made in lockdown. The ‘massive minimalism’ of BIG|BRAVE, the ‘raucous fusion of ’77 punk-rock and high-octane rock ‘n roll’… Continue Reading