Gazelle Twin – Too Many Things \ Da Googie split EP – KMFDM – Yama Uba- album reviews

This time Fighting Boredom brings you terrifying new music from Gazelle Twin, the split EP from Too Many Things and Da Googie, featuring members of Thurston Moore’s band and My Bloody Valentine. The new EBM album from KMFDM and the… Continue Reading

The Umbrellas – Linnea Hjertén – Dragged Up – album reviews

For the first collection of reviews for 2024 we have new indie by The Umbrellas, Swedish ancient sounding folk by Linnea Hjertén and caught up with Glasgow’s Dragged Up and last winter’s cassette release for Cruel Nature. Have a read… Continue Reading

Compilation Roundup – Arise – A Cold Spring Sampler – Reggae Reggae & Pipeline – Where Were You – Independent Music From Leeds (1978-1989) – Oi – The Singles

A round up of some of the compilations that have come out in the last couple of months, you get the ‘unrivalled collection of Industrial, Esoteric, Dark Ambient, Noise, Ritual, Drone, Doom Metal, Experimental, Electronica, and Dark Soundtracks.’ from Cold… Continue Reading

The Rollocks – Das Fluff – Thee Acid Tongue – Wave of Sheep – album and EP reviews

This time Fighting Boredom bring you three EPs and an album. You get the ‘Inner city psycho-delia’ of The Rollocks who say they are ‘a little bit hairy, a little bit lairy (a tiny bit fairy…)’. The ‘Post Punk Electro Filth’… Continue Reading

Wizard Master – Avon Terror Corps – Boris & Uniform – The 3 Clubmen – album reviews

This time on the Fighting Boredom album review page you get the ‘bluesy, dark, and psychedelic numbers’ of Wizard Master, the Avon Terror Corps compilation in support of trans rights, Boris & Uniform with ‘the sound of frustration, .. founded… Continue Reading

Cruel Nature Recordings – Beckton Alps2 – Disciplinary – Tibshelf – Clara Engel – album reviews

In one of our almost regular features Fighting Boredom have been catching up with the eclectic mix of releases from the cassette label Cruel Nature, there will be more to follow but for now we give you the ‘immersive sensory… Continue Reading

The Downtown Merrylegs – Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam – Oxbow – Hawkwind – album reviews

This time in the album reviews we have the bright soulful folk of the Downtown Merrylegs, the ‘weird-on-purpose rock’ of Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam, the clear vision of love from Oxbow’s new record and a remix of a classic slice of… Continue Reading

Maud the Moth & trajedesaliva – Senestra – Yr Poetry – Loose Sutures – album reviews

This time the album reviews page has the exceptional collab record from Galician drone/ambient duo trajedesaliva and Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and pianist Maud the moth. Senestra recreating in sound the experience of the now notoriuos Stanford Prison Experiment. The emotional and… Continue Reading

New Cherry Red Reissues – Hanoi Rocks – Melvins – Lux & Ivy present England Swings – Various – Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone – album reviews

This time Fighting Boredom are reviewing four reissues from Cherry Red, a collection of the independent albums from Hanoi Rocks, a three CD collection of the Atlantic recordings by Melvins. Another Lux & Ivy collection, this time entitled England Swings… Continue Reading