Moving Away From The Pulsebeat – Post-Punk Britain 1977-1981 – Kitchen Cynics / Margery Daw / Grey Malkin – BEYOND EXTINCTION – Filalete – album reviews

This time we give you the new Post Punk collection from Cherry Red that takes a a whistle stop trip through the musical landscape as the dust settled on the apocalyptic overhaul of 1977. The wonderfully strange, psychedelic, magical, ambient… Continue Reading

VR Sex – Oi! the Album – Fake Youth Cult – Do The Strum – Joe Meek The Girl Band – album reviews

This time on the reviews page you get the ‘ sneering psychedelic punk ‘ of VR SEX, the reissue of the very first Oi! compilation album now forty five years old, and the ‘Dark-techno, industrial’ of Fake Youth Cult. Read what we… Continue Reading

Attrition – Sons of Alpha Centauri – Cancervo – Chastity Belt – album reviews

This time around we have the long awaited, eagerly anticipated new album from Coventry’s ‘dark industrial pioneers’ ATTRITION, the ‘searing post hardcore, alternative metal and progressive hazy rock’ of Sons of Alpha Centauri. The ‘Italian doom mountaineers’ Cancervo and the… Continue Reading

Apogean – Sleap-e – Carpet – PLAYHOUSE – album reviews

Today it’s the turn of ‘Canadian tech/prog death metal group Apogean’, the ‘raucous, unpolished and playful album by Italian singer-songwriter Sleap-e’.’ The mixture of ‘prog rock, psychedelic music, stoner rock and jazz’ on Carpet’s new album and the reissued collection… Continue Reading

Xmal Deutschland – Erich Zann Ensemble – Anja Huwe – Moor Mother – album reviews

Today Fighting Boredom give you our view on the releases by iconic post-punk pioneers, Xmal Deutschland and their collection of early singles. The Acid Jazz, Neo-Kraut, Psychedelic sounds of the Erich Zann Ensemble. The unexpected but long overdue first solo… Continue Reading

Pissed Jeans – Strip Search Tramp – Chatte Royale – Squid Pisser – album reviews

Here we have the pissed off street punk of Pissed Jeans, the Sci-Fi punk’n’roll of Strip Search Tramp. The mathy post-rock of Chatte Royale and the Extreme metal/grindcore of Squid Pisser. Have a read and listen below.. Pissed Jeans – Half… Continue Reading

Sheherazaad – Beans – Blind Channel – Dez Dare album reviews

Today you have the bewitching Qasr by Sheherazaad, the ‘organ-driven garage-rock wig-outs, breeze psych-pop and groovy funk instrumentals’ of Boots N Cats by Beans, Finnish chart-topping nu-metal stars Blind Channel’s new album Exit Emotions and the looming cloud of fuzz… Continue Reading

Schubmodul – HR Giger Counter – Curve – Nnja Riot – album reviews

This time on the reviews page we give you the Psychedelic Stoner rock of Schubmodul. The salvagepunk of HR Giger Counter. The layered electronics and guitars in the reissue of the Anxious Recordings of Curve and the experimental songscapes of… Continue Reading

Lair – Cuntroaches – Guiltless – The Last Sound – album reviews

We have the Indonesian soul/funk of Liar, the Berlin-based black-metal/noise-rock of Cuntroaches, the concerns and frustrations of Guiltless and the ‘hazy, corroded time capsule’ of The Last Sound. Lair – Ngélar Guruguru Brain! This has an exotic sun drenched feel,… Continue Reading

Clementine Valentine – Constant Smiles – Coventry – Live Review

Clementine Valentine – Constant Smiles – The Tin Music and Arts – Coventry – 21st February 2024 So tonight Sink or Swim Promotions are presenting New Zealand’s Clementine Valentine and New York’s Constant Smiles together in a small Coventry venue,… Continue Reading