The Scavengers – Picked From The Bone – album review

The Scavengers – Picked From The Bone


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The Scavengers are ‘Inspired by a mix of musical styles including 60’s psychedelia and garage, punk, psychobilly and rockabilly and following the ethos of playing ‘what we like, the way we like it’’ They have just released their first album, a fifty fifty mix of original songs and covers. Fighting Boredom have been listening, see what we think below.

This is a dreadful recording. It sounds like it’s been recorded on a hand held cassette player with run down batteries. To say it’s rough is to say that the Government are right wing, it’s a huge understatement. It’s sketchy to say the least, it feels like being hit around the head with a splintered table leg. Concussed and splintered. Scavengers have really cool posters and seeing one in a semi-drunken state would get anyone of us into a bar and dancing like a lunatic to their twangy rockabilly garage mess. They cater for the hordes of us that haven’t grown out of watching old heroes making fools of themselves singing old songs that we all know and love while sprinkling in some new stuff to give our shot knees a rest from leaping around.

Scavengers have a secret weapon too, they have the coolest delinquent singer to come out of Leicester, Anderson from Crazyhead, whose voice was always a smooth growling drawl over Crazyhead’s garage punky madness which should go perfectly over this Johnny Kidd and the Pirates infected groove, but it comes across as overbearing and too loud, I’m absolutely sure that live this is utterly great, just watch the video, but here it’s just jarring.

I do love what they’ve done to the covers though, Hawkwind, Stooges and Crazyhead among others are given a British rock’n’roll twangy filter and come out the other end as songs you recognise but not immediately.
Scavengers, go and see them, dance until your knees give out then buy the CD to remind you of the excellent night you had. That’s my recommendation anyway.

The Scavengers have a Facebook page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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