Steve Von Till – No Wilderness Deep Enough – album review

Steve Von Till – No Wilderness Deep Enough

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Best known as the guitarist for Neurosis, Steve Von Till has recently released a solo album that gives us ‘swirling and iridescent blend of ambient, neo-classical, and gothic Americana that swan-dives into the darkness of modern life’ alongside a book of poetry and lyrics. Fighting Boredom have been listening and reading, this is what we thought

With a voice like with water pouring over a cliff as the trees bend in the wind Steve Von Till gives us his latest album, No Wilderness Deep Enough and you’d struggle to find as aptly named an album this year. This sounds like being alone, properly alone not just shut in your house as the world carries on around you. This sounds like being in the wild places, being in your own company because there is no one else within miles. It sounds like existing alongside nature, the red claw and torn open flank of the predator and prey, nature as it is out there, not the safe nature we know and see in our gardens and woods. It’s the sound of sitting on a broken, splintered tree trunk and watching the sun come up and go down, feeling the wind on your face and the rain on your hands. It’s long and drawn out, the music flows slowly but inevitably, it moves with you. 

It’s long and slow, the music accentuating his low voice, he sings with emotion and a full deep lilt. The music is quiet and simple. Both adding to the beautiful feeling of serenity and solitude. Alongside the record there is a book of 23 untitled poems and collected lyrics, reading this alongside the music turns the whole thing into a truly immersive experience. Art from solitude and wilderness, beautiful.

Steve Von Till’s website is, he has a Bandcamp page, is on Facebook and Tweets as @SteveVonTill.

You can buy the book from his website.

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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