Das Fluff – Maximum Damage – album review

Das Fluff – Maximum Damage


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Das Fluff describe themselves as Post-Punk Electro Filth. It’s fifteen tracks ‘which take the evolution of DAS FLUFF to new dark and heady heights.’ Fighting Boredom have been listening and you can read what we think below.

The last Das Fluff album sounded like a night in a lost, forgotten night club lit with  crackling neon  and sparkling chrome surrounding the wasted and lost dancers. It was music to watch the bombs fall to. This time, the nightclub has been boarded shut for months, the bombs have fallen and no one is allowed to dance within two metres of each other. Europe is covered with an average of a foot of scummy, oil slicked water and the sky looks like something has died above our heads and is slowly rotting. The world is run by bloodthirsty, billionaire lunatics and anyone else is lost. 

Das Fluff are the sound of dancing alone as the apocalypse rolls away into the distance, it’s music to fall madly and utterly in love to in the end days. They’re sleazy, sweaty and dripping with sensuality but that is tempered by underlying feeling of desperation and trying anything to get some feelings that matter.

The synths and guitars form a bubbling, seething, throbbing backdrop to the vision in latex and leather singing and drawing you too far into this vision of post punk electro filth. It’s not music to watch the bombs fall anymore. It’s music to lie naked and filthy in the poisoned mud next to the one you love.

Das Fluff’s website is dasfluff.com. They are on Facebook and Tweet as @DasFluffTweet.

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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