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Dehd – Flower of Devotion

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Chicago based trio Dehd released their new album during the summer. The band said that while making this album their thoughts were “We didn’t become more perfectionist. We’ve always been really scrappy, but we decided to polish our scrappiness just a little bit.” Fighting Boredom have been listening, read what we thought below

There’s just something in a twangy, muffled, echoing guitar that draws me in. Right from the days that the old man would play Duane Eddie records on the little suitcase record player in the dining room I’ve been hooked. The first note of this Dehd record had me, the guitar is effortless, flowing and simple. The drums and bass are there but they too seem easy and just make the whole thing slot together. The vocal is anything from strained and angry to seductive and free. They take in so many sounds that I find myself thinking of a multitude of bands as I listen which is no bad thing, rock’n’roll has always taken the past into what it does now. 

It doesn’t go full pelt, although I think that seeing them live would be ferocious. It hangs back a little, that’s not to say that the band feel like they’re giving everything to the music gelling together perfectly, but they don’t lose it, you know. It’s a balancing act that they don’t seem to know that they are doing. Bottom line is, this album is cool and catchy as hell.

Dehd’s website is, they have a Bandcamp page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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