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Black Mekon – Destroy Nostalgia


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Black Mekon consist of ‘Black Mekon and his brother Black Mekon and their cousin Black Mekon.’ Their biography reads ‘Some bull about a fake country and loud guitars or something. Not soaring or melodic. We play everywhere. Really short songs. Sexy. A bit old. Don’t have a driving licence between us. Not radio friendly. Quite friendly. Hate Bios.’ Fighting Boredom are fans, read what we think about their new record below.

There’s a dirty white Cadillac outside, no roof, rust scuffs and dents all up one side and a single headlight blazing as the other hangs free swinging from corroded cables. Inside sit three men. All in black suits with scuffed shoes, black ties loose at the neck and black superhero masks sitting on their faces. They appear to be in the last stages of severe inebriation, there’s bottles crashing around in the foot wells and smoke billowing back from behind the windscreen. The sound they are making is indescribable, shouting, yelling, bellowing and coughing all delivered in a whiskey soaked gravel drawl. Underneath this at earsplitting volume play forgotten rockabilly missives to fast girls, fast cars and short lives. Black Mekon have come back around and Jesus, I didn’t realise just how much I was missing them.

They do this, disappear in a haze of petrol fumes and cheap booze bottles then reappear just when you need them ready to lay waste to your memories of rock’n’roll once more. I’m not sure which songs are better, the sound of humanities decay in their full on amphetamine speed rockabilly fuzzed out noise or the lamenting broken humanity of their cracked croon and slowed down torch songs. They need both, they need both because to much of either would be burning the candle in the middle as well as each end. 

As I said before, there are three of them. All called Black Mekon. This could be confusing if you were in a conversation with them, but what lunatic would put themselves willingly at a table with the trio of maniacs?? Suffice to say that Black Mekon sings, Black Mekon also plays guitar, Black Mekon plays drums and Guitar and sings while Black Mekon also plays drums and guitar. There, you need anything more then go and find them and ask yourselves. But make sure your suit is clean and your tie is straight before you talk to them. 

Black Mekon, Destroy Nostalgia. What an album.

Black Mekon’s website is, they are on Facebook, have a Bandcamp page and Tweet as @blackmekon

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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