Strip Search Tramp – Assume The Position – EP review


Strip Search Tramp – Assume The Position


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Strip Search Tramp describe themselves as ‘a Sci-Fi punk n roll outfit. Industrial, catchy riffs, dark lyrics, a B-Movie soundtrack for today.’ Sounds pretty fair to Fighting Boredom. We’ve been listening to their debut EP, read what we thought below.

late eighties Coventry. You could waste a day sitting on the benches in the precinct talking to friends and flicking through records you couldn’t afford in the shops. It’s a boring life but which teenager’s isn’t. Relief comes from seeing bands, dancing at alternative discos, drinking insane concoctions of alcohol and the like. The bands played upstairs in biker bars, back rooms of pubs and occasionally outside of Coventry where you’d pile onto a coach and try and avoid paying. It’s all a blur really. The people in Strip Search Tramp did the same as me, at the same places except that they were in the bands that we traveled to see. They danced to the same songs as us at the discos and told us what music to listen to. We stuck together, and as I started to DJ my own nights they came along and danced to my music. Then life carried on, and we continued to grow, losing touch just by living.

But, inside, there’s a part of us that still drinks in those bars, still walks home head spinning like helicopter blades and still shouts along to the songs. Strip Search Tramp know this because they were there. Sharif dancing next to me to The Clash, Tracey looking beautiful in her drape jacket. They remember this stuff and they have bloody done something. Strip Search Tramp have picked up five members along the way, who have been in dozens of bands between them, and have now released their first EP. It’s four songs of smashed together musical tastes that forms this little gem. They sound dirty, you get the funky, punky, fuzzy loose bass of Yakuza. The fantastic surf psycho chicken dancing Escalator. The glam tinged Russ Meyer homage of She Devil with added extreme violence and the deliberate nasty punk of Dharma Kharma. All excellent tunes and all with added sample snippets and weird sounds. 

Thank God that someone remembers how to do this stuff. Tracey’s Bad Seed shirt sums it all up, you start out on the edge and you never really leave. Strip Search Tramp. Assume the position punk.

Strip Search Tramp are on Facebook and have a Bandcamp page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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