Pissed Jeans – Strip Search Tramp – Chatte Royale – Squid Pisser – album reviews

Here we have the pissed off street punk of Pissed Jeans, the Sci-Fi punk’n’roll of Strip Search Tramp. The mathy post-rock of Chatte Royale and the Extreme metal/grindcore of Squid Pisser. Have a read and listen below.. Pissed Jeans – Half… Continue Reading

Lair – Cuntroaches – Guiltless – The Last Sound – album reviews

We have the Indonesian soul/funk of Liar, the Berlin-based black-metal/noise-rock of Cuntroaches, the concerns and frustrations of Guiltless and the ‘hazy, corroded time capsule’ of The Last Sound. Lair – Ngélar Guruguru Brain! This has an exotic sun drenched feel,… Continue Reading

Autohaus – TERMS – Dead Sea Apes – Mandy, Indiana album reviews

This time we give you the ‘live, improvised fractal music, layering fuzzed-out noise, electronic drones motorik percussion and hypnotic bass lines’ of Autohaus, the Progressive rock, experimental, avant-garde jazzcore of TERMS. The blown-out guitar wails and jet black psych noise… Continue Reading