Rainbow Grave – Sex Threat – single review

Rainbow Grave – Sex Threat

God Unknown Records

7″ single/ Download

Birmingham’s Rainbow Grave play ‘primitive sludge punk…Ugly guitars, distortion, echo, feedback…Low rent caveman hate music’ They come from bands like Doom, Napalm Death, Bee Stung Lips and Scorn. Fighting Boredom are fans.

Prepare for disappointment. That’s what low grade caveman music perpetrators Rainbow Grave say to announce any new shows or music. This is the second release after their split single as part of the God Unknown singles club which to be honest, doesn’t really let you down.

If you’ve seen them live you already know the grinding, slow immense messy riffs and drums. This song isn’t really very nice. Which you probably got from the title. Sex Threat’s hugely black humour could cause great offense, ‘You’re in my wardrobe’. Or it could also make you laugh at the total scale of nastiness in it. 

‘You Are Nowhere’ is faster and the guitars seem designed to make you wince. Nice voice manipulation too, sounds like a mad dictator ranting.

It’s taken months for this to arrive since it was first announced and to be honest, sometimes disappointment is worth waiting for.


Rainbow Grave are on Facebook, they Tweet as @Rainbow Grave, you can buy the single from the God Unknown Bandcamp page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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