Lusterlit – You Were Never Really Here – single review

Lusterlit – You Were Never Really Here


Out Now

Lusterlit are Charlie Nieland and Susan Hwang, they make music from books, they base songs and music on stories and plot lines, their EP that came out around a year ago was excellent. They write odes to literature and they are constrained by no one particular style or feeling.

They have a new single out based on the pitch-black novella/film ‘You Were Never Really Here’. They wrote the songs to be performed at the Bushwick Book Club for the Amis inspired events in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. 

You get two songs. River is dark, suffocating and fog filled. A low drone and fast percussion with a whispered vocal over the eerie feel. An almost grunge guitar and driving drums, it feels like being caught out alone in driving rain in the dark. Looking over your shoulder and walking faster and faster as the fear grows. ‘You’ll never know I’m here…’
Rolodex is a total contrast, claps, a laid back funk bass and a sophisticated half rapped and half sung vocal. It’s so bright that it’s like polished chrome. A slippery, sensual feel to the music gives the song a modernistic sheen. It gets faster and more frantic that feels like a mind spinning and lost, this is the sound of frustration and confusion.
The single is a great slice of Lusterlit, once again, the music is not fixed to any style and whatever they turn to they triumph. It’s just shy of two bucks on Bandcamp, go on, give it a go.

Lusterlit’s website is, they have a Bandcamp page, are on Facebook and Tweet as @lusterlitnyc.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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