White Denim – Performance – album review

White Denim – Performance

City Slang

LP / CD / DL

Out August 24th

Austin, Texas’ White Denim have ‘carefully and continuously studied the greatest records ever made, but they write songs just dumb enough to drink, dance and fight to.’ They are about to release their new album Performance. Read what Fighting Boredom think below.

White Denim sound effortless. They sound like they have every record recorded in the seventies and have absorbed them, over the years, into their very beings. So that when they play, when they pick up instruments and nod to each other, they sound so cool, so natural that you imagine you are listening to a long lost artifact of that time. A doorway back to the long hair and balmy sunshine of Rock’s past.

It starts with a crackle as a radio is tuned in, the music comes and it’s a gently constructed seventies glamorous groove. The vocal is one step away from Marc Bolan, sweet, sleazy and almost strained. Every word drawn out and exhausted. They go from there to funky stepping and jazzy vibes. It’s a white boy too cool for school strut and they do it very well. 

It’s a sunshine drenched, balmy record full of love and contentedness, it’s a throwback but it’s a good one, it takes you on a journey through their favourite sounds and merges them all into something new. The music is crystal clear, you can’t imagine them breaking a sweat. It’s, as I have already said, effortless. They know how they work together and this album shows that they work together well.

White Denim’s website is www.whitedenimmusic.com they are also on Facebook and Tweet as @whitedenimmusic

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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