Various Artists – The Longest Summer On Record – Volume 1 – album review

The Longest Summer On Record – Volume 1

Raving Pop Blast!

LP / CD / DL 

Out Now

Bristol’s Raving Pop Blast! have released a compilation to show off their excellent roster. There’s even a fanzine you can get too, Fighting Boredom have been listening. You can read what we think below.

Labels are important, people still collect stuff from Creation, Sub Pop or Rocket Recordings, I’ve got numerous compilation albums from labels that were released to get you interested in the other bands on their roster and perhaps find a new favourite, often things you’ve never heard of. In these days of streaming, skipping and instant gratification these compilations seen to have slipped away. But they’re still around if you look carefully.

Raving Pop Blast give you The Longest Summer On Record Volume 1. A gorgeously packaged slab of sunshine yellow vinyl in a hand stamped inner sleeve with a key for sides one and two, apparently people were confused.. With a wrap around 3-D printed outer sleeve and inserts it’s a treat to unwrap. But you are reading this for the music, not the package right? Well, it sounds better on vinyl than mp3, the first album I can really say that about for a while, but then again, my headphones have broken and people keep asking me to do stuff at work when I really just want to get on with listening to this. 

Well you get a collection of surfer, garage, gentle, hard indie, rock’n’roll, psych out goodness. Listen and you can slot the songs into whichever genre you like. If you’ve been reading past posts you will know the Groove Farm and the ultimately groovy Total Rejection already. If not then get on board. This worth the price for Bridget (Song for Billy Childish) although the rest of the collection is full of shiny good vibrations too. Get the record for the full experience. It just makes sense.

Raving Pop Blast! have a Bandcamp page where you can buy the album and are on Facebook.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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