BABii – HiiDE – album review

BABii – HiiDE

Deathwaltz Originals

LP / CD / DL

Out July 5th

Margate based BABii makes ‘incredibly forward-thinking electro tinged pop/R&B’ Fighting Boredom have been listening to it and think that description falls way short of the album. Read what we think below.

This record sounds like it was made out of ice, carefully and delicately chipped into shape. It feels like sheets of frozen glass shattering into razor sharp shards. It’s cold, frosted and has a cruel beauty like a snow covered barren landscape.
The music is cold, glassy and has a reflective sheen. Babii’s vocal sounds very young, clear and high. it’s a perfect beautiful vocal for this otherworldly glossy music. 
The music is almost R&B and almost pop but just a little too strange to be either. There’s a cool, effortless feel to it. A delicate build of layers and voice that makes you tune in and escape. There’s not a lot out there to compare this with so although I’m completely captured by it, I strongly suggest you have a listen and draw your own conclusions. 

BABii’s website is She is also on Facebook and Tweets as @BABii_mp3

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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