The Total Rejection – Everybody Knows What You Don’t Know – album review

The Total Rejection – Everybody Knows What You Don’t Know

Raving Pop Blast Records

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Bristol’s Raving Pop Blast release ‘garage-punk, pop-psych, lo-fi pop, and guitar based indie rock, and anything else we like the sound of.’ They definitely like the sound of The Total Rejection and have just released their great second album, Fighting Boredom have been listening, read what we thought below.

This arrived in a brown cardboard package with ‘Do Not Play Until August…Like That’s going to happen’ handwritten in marker across the box. It was open, on the turntable and turned up to neighbour annoying volume within about five minutes. It’s taken a while to review just because I’ve been digesting its pink vinyl loveliness. Its psychedelic sleeve and its fantastic groove. It’s a product of great minds let loose to play the sounds that they want to and that they think we should listen to, and you know what, they’re dead right.

The Total Rejection have a treble wobble running through the record that sounds better the louder it is, and the nearer to the speakers you are. If The Barracudas and The Monkees formed a spin off band, dressed in leather with switchblades and riding dangerously old motorbikes then this is the music they would be playing. It’s for delinquents, for the oddballs and the forgotten. It’s timeless, there’s a sixties slant to it but then it’s just as relevant right now. Makes me want to get up and dance and shake my head around in a dark room with other like minded fools.

This has been touted as the better of the two Total Rejection slices of attitude, but they’re already saying that the next one…. the next one will blow your head off… But before that you have Everybody Knows What You Don’t know and it’s ace. The music is straight up garage psychotic groove madness. The best thing about it is the softly growled vocal, it’s clear and understated as the music blasts around it, it’s almost forced at times but it fits. It fits perfectly.

The Total Rejection have given us their difficult second album which isn’t at all difficult, it’s straight up easy. Find out what they know.

The Total Rejection are on Facebook. You can get hold of the album on the Raving Pop Blast Bandcamp page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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