Rainbow Grave – No You – album review

Rainbow Grave – No You

God Unknown Records

LP / CD / DL

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Rainbow Grave describe themselves as ‘Low rent caveman hate music’ They have members that have been in other bands and they promise ‘Disappointment guaranteed…’ Read how disappointed Fighting Boredom were below.

The alarm goes off, it’s dark, cold and very early. There’s no one lying next to you in bed. You try and open your eyes and with a herculean effort get out of bed. You stumble to the shower, cut yourself shaving and realise that your gut has grown again. You get dressed and pick up your keys, go to the car and drive to work in rush hour, which means stop start and swearing at fellow commuters. Finding a parking space is another endless task and then you’re at work. You smile at the pretty receptionist that loathes everyone and sit at your desk staring at a computer screen for seven hours before driving home in the same rush hour traffic you arrived in. Open a can of beer, order a takeaway from your tablet and turn on the television. Eat, watch strangers having sex on your tablet, masturbate, go to bed and fall asleep staring at the ceiling. Life’s shit and then you die.

Rainbow Grave know this and understand all too well the disappointment of broken dreams, lost promises and growing old. They are those bleak thoughts that keep you wide awake night after night after night. They are the sound of disappointment, heartbreak and emptiness. The essence of regret and oblivion. The record is like sludge flowing through a sewer, slow, suffocating and dark. It’s a breath of fetid air, a ray of cancer growing sunshine, a slow collapse after a punch in the face.

I can’t be bothered to tell you whose in the band. Look it up, it’s not like you’re busy is it? I’m pretty sure they’re laughing at us all and our shitty lives but on the other hand they’ll probably break up fairly soon, I mean, what’s the point?

Rainbow Grave are on Facebook and Tweet as @RainbowGrave.

You can buy the album from the God Unknown Bandcamp page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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