Superhooch – Red Jacket – album review

Superhooch – Red Jacket

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Coventry’s Superhooch describe themselves as ‘Psychedelic, Riff-Based Rock n’ Roll’ but that’s only part of the story as their new album, just released on Main Spike Recordings shows. Fighting Boredom have been listening, read what we think below.

This is messy. It’s all over the shop and I mean that in a very good way. There’s no laser focus on a sound or feeling but when they come together they’re unstoppable. This is a record of parts, most of which wouldn’t in a sane world, fit together. But as we all know. This is a far from sane world, and at the moment far from sane records make the difference to getting through the day.

It’s kind of a splatter painting of punky, funky, hard as nails bass lines made to make your hips wiggle and your gut vibrate. Skittering or massive slabs of or quieter twiddling guitar. Scattered hard drums that make you guess the tempo as each song progresses. On top of this a vocal style that goes from epic and huge to a British music hall stompalongastyle. There’s a massive dollop of humour in this music but it never descends to farce. You lose yourself in the loud songs, fling yourself around to the fast ones and then drunkenly shout along to the sing a longs. Superhooch are a band to see and feel.

They look and feel like upstart rock’n’roll stars, but they are humble too. Not afraid to sound a little different, I suppose a decade or two ago they’d have been pigeon holed into Alternative Rock, whatever that was, but nowadays as everything blurs, they are just out there, ready for you to make your mind up about. There’s a sliver of Rollins Band and Chilli Pepper bass madness, a smidgen of Kinks dance hall tongue in cheekiness and a gigantic pile of something that is indescribable, I suppose I’d call it Superhooch. Have a listen, have drink and have a sing a long.

Superhooch’s website is, they are also on Facebook

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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