Nicolas Bougaïeff – The Upward Spiral

Nicolas Bougaïeff  – The Upward Spiral



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Berlin-based producer and artist, Nicolas Bougaïeff has just released his debut album for Mute. It’s described as Across ‘nine metallic misadventures, which Bougaïeff describes as “little open scores”‘ Fighting Boredom have been listening, read what we thought below.

Right, I like this record a lot, but, positives aside, The Upward Spiral is let down mightily by the first track. It’s an old school industrial sounding single beat static yawnathon. You’ve heard it before and it bears no resemblance to the rest of the record which is uplifting, immense techno. My only thought is that it’s related to the old depressing industrial records that came before and it’s an attempt to counter them and make them switch from falling down to rising up. If so, it doesn’t work. So skip. Sorry.

Most of the rest of the record is skittering, bass obsessed, glorious beat led techno. It goes up and down, manically making you dance your head off and sweat out all your troubles. It’s a flashing neon, daylight avoiding marathon of drums. It’s sexy, clear and precise. In other words, it makes you happy. Which is no mean feat in this day and age. So you dance your feet off, totally absorbed with the music and the feeling and the vibe until the last track.

The last track is gentle and cool, it brings you out of the music gracefully and lovingly. All in all it’s a good but flawed album. Just get past track one.

Nicolas Bougaïeff is on Facebook.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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