Resurrection Men – No – Album Review

Resurrection Men – No

Creature Lab Records


Released October 7th

Coventry’s Resurrection Men release their second album ‘No’ this week. It’s an album to take your head off and turn it around to, a stupidly good mix of heaviness, psychotic anger and moments of beauty. We like it a lot, read what we thought below.

I’ll tell you what I know, this isn’t an album for listening to when you are feeling fine and dandy and the unicorns are frolicking in the meadows around you, it’s not an album to be played quietly behind an oh so civilised dinner party, in fact I’m unsure it’s possible to play this record loud enough at home, trust me. I’ve tried. Resurrection Men have an astonishingly loud bunch of guitars and a rhythm section locked down so tight it hurts. No’ sounds like a band pulling itself to pieces in the best possible way. It’s like nothing matters, they threw the whole lot in, every idea they had and the resulting noise is glorious and unmissable.

I’ve not heard anything so off the wall and insanely brilliant since the days of the Butthole Surfers and Bongwater, not because it sounds like them at all but because the ideas didn’t seem to fit together but when you put the records on they merged together into ferocious works of art and sound. This is the same, you get massive slabs of utter doom guitars and terrifying vocals next to a slice of acoustic delicate beautiful hippy fodder. There’s moments of punkified garage rock and there are moments of restrained violence where you wait in anticipation of an explosion. There’s elements of prog madness and jazzy drums but then it slips into more guitars and more anger. 

The vocals have taken a backseat, most of the songs make you home in the music before the vocal kicks in, and even then for the most part it’s hidden in the mix, concentrate though and you feel the disdain and rage in every word sung, it’s echoed by the guitars, which at one point are almost Van Halen shredding. The thing is, it all goes together perfectly, it’s unstoppable and you keep playing it just to make sure it’s as good as you think it is. Resurrection Men have caught Fighting Boredom and we’re just passing them on to you. Get listening. Loudly.

Resurrection Men are on Facebook. They also have a Bandcamp page for their first album.

You can catch them at the ‘No’ album launch at the West Indian Centre in Coventry on Saturday October 7th

You can buy the album from Bandcamp.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.


Adrian Bloxham

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