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DEAFKIDS – Metaprogramação

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DEAFKIDS are an ‘experimental/industrial noise punk trio‘ from Brazil. They released their new album a couple of weeks ago and Fighting Boredom have been listening. They have been described as ‘With harsh noise and industrial elements seamlessly melded into a volatile and rambunctious hybrid of ethnic jazz/world music-influenced punk’. Read what we think below.

Volume is the key here. Turn this up loud enough and it will root you to the spot, increase paranoia and make you feel immense. The kind of sound that insinuates itself into your bones and soul. The guttural bass chanting that starts the record that entwines itself into drone, static and guitar buzz makes you realise that this bunch of longhairs aren’t just going to blast you away with double kick and guitar histrionics. It’s far wider noise than that. Electronically fucked up vocals, tribal drums phased and shifted. Static screams and relentless hard core punk messed with and brought back to life with spectacular results. 

The last time I heard layered sounds like this is way back when Public Enemy build their monstrous backing tracks. This is that good and that complex. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the thing another bassline kicks in, or drums from a deep wet jungle appear from the drones and noises. A guitar riff will grab your attention and then you realise your listening to vocals too but so buried and distorted you lost them. It feels like being immersed in emotion, noise and static. It is intense. But the key is volume. As loud as it gets, it still needs just a nudge more. 

DEAFKIDS have a Bandcamp page where you can buy the album and are on Facebook.

The record is £21.99 at Just Dropped In Records in Coventry.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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