Jakuzi – Hata Pay – album review


Jakuzi – Hata Pay

City Slang

LP / CD / DL

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Jakuzi are ‘Istanbul synth-wave vanguards’, they produce Turkish underground music which creates a safe place for people being persecuted for being different. It’s an emotional goth and pop tinged electronic record, Fighting Boredom’s thoughts are below.

Jakuzi sing in Turkish. This makes the music sound different right from the start. The rich lush electronic sounds are twisted around by the change in language and throws things a little. You focus on the emotions and resonances in the vocal rather than the words. It feels open, rich and bright. It’s for both dancing and reflecting. It’s pop sensibilities reflect the hits of early Depeche Mode and Yazoo, the gothic synth waves of The Cure and all that music that was supposed to be the future back three and a half decades ago. The thing is that is feels so fresh. There’s no revival feel here. Maybe it’s the vocal. But if you loved the music I’ve mentioned then it will be a rare treat.

The record is a very easy listen, at times it slips into melancholy and there is always an undercurrent of darkness but it feels like somewhere to belong, a secret club that you can join if you get it, and with that feeling Jakuzi have achieved what they have set out to create.

Jakuzi have a Bandcamp page, they are on Facebook and Tweet as @_jakuzi_

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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