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Carter Tutti Void – Triumvirate

Conspiracy International

LP – CD – DL

Carter Tutti Void (Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Nik Void) have recently released their third and final studio album. It brings their collaborative partnership as Carter Tutti Void to a conclusion. The album is a ‘melding the live instrumentation of Cosey Fanni Tutti and Nik Void’s searing guitars, vocals, effects and the arsenal of sounds each had amassed from a variety of sources, some sounds manipulated to extremes, all fed into the mix.’ Fighting Boredom have been listening and like it a lot.

This is music to dance to. Carter Tutti Void have created an immersive, massive collage of beats, samples, electronic and guitar sounds all leading to one thing, to keep you dancing and moving for as long as you can. Each piece of music is at least six minutes long and you can hear that they could all go for far far longer. They could spiral up into the clouds and carry on into space, this is the sound that could be beamed out from those massive dishes to the far reaches of the unknown hoping for a reply. The sound that could outlast mankind, the sound of dancing. 

It’s entirely positive, like endorphins mixed into the synths, it’s the sound of people looking around them, coping with what they need to and then letting go. A glorious, wide open spacious meld of noise. I do realise that my stereo can’t play this as loud as it needs to. For that you would need a full PA in a shoe cupboard, but even so it’s breathtaking and huge.

This is the last recorded collaboration between the three. We can only hope that there will be further live events as this music is fantastic.

Carter Tutti Void have a webpage on the Chris and Cosey website,

All words by Adrian Bloxham


Adrian Bloxham

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