Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock – album review

Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock

Merge Records

Out February 8th, 2019

Fighting Boredom favourite Bob Mould has released a new album. The recurring theme is light and sun, it’s a positive and happy record which in these times is needed. Read what we thought of the record below.

Bob Mould has moved to Berlin. He decided he needed a break and over the last few years has taken residence there. He acknowledged that the last two albums were responding to the deaths of his parents and he was in danger of slipping away into a very dark place. So he moved, found somewhere he loves and has brought us a glorious sunshine filled record the mood of which was dictated by the way the title song came together. It’s not all love and happiness, there are the usual soul searching ravaged guitar masterworks but on the whole, these songs come from a good place. 

The music sounds like Bob Mould, there are a few people that as soon as you hear the first few notes of a song, you know who it is, Bob has a guitar sound that no one else has, it’s loud, fuzzy and powerful. It’s the distillation of a career inside American Hardcore leading to the early edge of Alternative music and far beyond with the white hot Husker Du. Then the solo records, the birth of a new band, Sugar, who stole back the sound from a million pretenders and let us hear that guitar again. Sugar split but Bob carried on and the last three records have been called a trilogy by many. Silver Age, Beauty and Ruin and Patch The Sky captured Bob at his best. Looking forward but also acknowledging the past. 

This record comes from the thought that “I’m trying to keep things brighter these days as a way to stay alive.” It’s classic Bob Mould and will fit right into that blistering live show that spans his whole career. It’s a triumph of sunshine and brightness over the dark.

Bob Mould’s website is, he is also on Facebook and Tweets as @bobmouldmusic.

You can buy it in Coventry from Just Dropped In Records for the swirly vinyl Edition for £18.49.

All words by Adrian Bloxham




Adrian Bloxham

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