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The Young Gods – Data Mirage Tangram

Two Gentlemen

LP / CD / DL

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Fighting Boredom discovered The Young Gods with TV Sky back in the early nineties with TV Sky, tons of sampled guitars and a pure sound. They have released music and pushed their limits since 1984 and have just released their first album for nine years, it’s described as ‘ A return to known land, whose topography has been modified by time and age.’ We have been listening, read what we think below.

This is a record of exploration. It was devised in the wine cellar of the THBBC festival, The Hundred Bottle Blue Club, in Switzerland. They set up for the duration of the festival and as Franz Treichler says “That’s when the songs appeared. We didn’t know where we were going. Bernard brought an old sampler on top of his drums, Cesare, a laptop, me, a guitar, a bass, a laptop… anything I had on hand. The audience came and went. We didn’t feel obliged to present a finished product. It was really stimulating.” That’s where the songs came from and with moulding and building they became this album. It’s a collective work.

The music is complex and layered. It still has the underground edge you would expect from this group of musicians, there is an immense amount of focus as they have honed in to the sound and made it perfect. Not all of it is satisfying, some tracks seem to want to explode into noise but the band don’t let them, they end without a release which is frustrating but probably the whole point.

Dark disco  merges into drone and static. The bass lines go from funky to stuttering but are solid throughout. It’s a night time, black fog bright spotlights record. It’s roots may be somewhere back in time in manic electronic body music and seriously heavy sampled guitars but this is heading away, up towards some unknown galaxy ready to disappear into the void.

The Young Gods website is, they are on Facebook and Tweet as @theyounggods.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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