Fighting Boredom Singles Review in the Pub – July 14th 2023

This time on the Fighting Boredom Singles Review From The Pub we headed to a new venue, along the way meeting up with Roger the cyclist and Mark the happy cyclist who gave a couple of comments when they weren’t talking about bikes. Have a listen, read what we thought and feel free to argue with us over what you think we got wrong.. 

Candy Claws – Pangea Girls

This is jangly indie with a dreamy vocal, it’s very sixties, very pop and pretty good. However the Photographer.. wet indie rubbish, starts off wet, gets wetter and ends wet.

Mad Honey – Fold

You get drone feedback and then big indie chords with a female vocal, not a particularly new sound, but I like it, the loud bits and the drone end are best. The Photographer says that the guitars are alright but there’s not much of a tune going on is there, sigh, it’s just radio 6 music isn’t it?

Rodney Cromwell, Solemn Arcade – Memory Box

A simple electronic tune with fuzzy guitar, I think it works well, the Photographer says it’s bedroom electronics and has that horrible eighties feel about it that seems to be in fashion.

Self-Immolation Music – New Alchemy

This is a snails pace fuzz, slow lazy vocal, drugged out and bright, eventually the guitarist rouses himself and there’s a huge noise. The Photographer says it’s slow shoegaze innit. He quite likes the bit at the end when he wakes up.

Gutslit – The Killing Joke

This is Indian thrash/death/whatever metal, it’s grunty, nasty and fast and it’s ace! The Photographer says that it’s more double drum madness with gravel, not the worst gravelly stuff I’ve heard..

Death Index – No Cure For Madness

It’s fuzzy, distorted and silly with a punky, industrial poppy groove. The Photographer is less enthused .. Have we moved on to radio 1 now have we? It’s Middle of the Road rock, like the Killers or something..

Sal-E – Evidence of a Struggle

An ace Hendrix inspired psychedelic wigout, it has moments of calm, but I prefer the noisier bits. The Photographer says he likes the fuzzy bits as they are very guitar heavy and no vocals which is good.

Mong-Tong – Tropic Sub

This sounds like someone mucking about with electronics.; It’s quirky and catchy and the changes keep you interested. The Photographer sums up with it’s more of that eighties electronic analogue stuff.

Powerplant – Beautiful Boy

Rough punk and it’s ace. The photographer however says it’s terminally dull.

Aphex Twin – Blackbox Life Recorder 21f

A glitchy, cool Aphex electronic track, full of movement as it keeps morphing and changing I think it’s really good. The Photographer says it’s a little bit mediocre for Aphex Twin but it does get interesting as it goes on but then slows down again,

Scorpion Tea/ DEATHDANCE – Scarlet Misquote

This is the odd, goth and industrial weirdness . The Photographer sums up with .. Alien Sex Fiend support band.

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – Bush Wallaby

This is a nasty, menacing, unrelenting groove and I like it, the Photographer says it’s more like that Giant Mushroom but not as intricate and interesting, better than the first track this week though..

Sprain – Man Proposes, God Disposes

This is Post Punk and thinks it’s cleverer than it is. The photographer agrees, It’s just not.

Sonic Youth – Death Valley 69 live in Brooklyn

This is from the recording of the very last Sonic Youth show, it’s blistering and caustic as everything came to head and the band ended, it’s brilliant. The Photographer wants to know why pluck one track off a live album? But saying that, it’s one of the best bands ever, best live bands ever and best tracks ever so what? But still why? why?

The 3 Clubmen – Aviatrix

As Andy Partridge is involved this sounds very XTC, gentle pop and sparkly bright. The Photographer says I can tell its Andy Partridge and can already take it or leave it although I’m sure quite a lot of my friends will like it, more radio 6 music.

Dolly Parton & Rob Halford

This is Bloody Brilliant, any other views are wrong. It’s your own fault, you enrolled her into the rock’n’roll hall of fame… The Photographer says .. It’s just bollocks.

The Holy Family – Go Zero Suite Pt II

This is Jazz drone repetition and pretty good. The Photographer says that the middle sounds a bit like Sonic Youth but the rest of its boring.

Collapse Under The Empire – Revelation

This is twiddling classic rock, it’s okay. The Photographer says that it’s got a lovely all round sound, it’s radio 2/6 film score music.

Agriculture – Relier

Pulverising, nasty and brilliant. The photographer says it’s shouty, nasty and the kids will love it!

Poolside, Panama – Back to Life

A cool smooth sparkling clean soul groove. The Photographer says .. Next!

Ratboys – The Window

This starts off acoustic with a female voice then goes into louder indie, it’s a great record. The Photographer says it’s twee indie disco.

Sore Dream, Hisham Akira Bharoocha – Blown Optics

Broken Optics is what it sounds like, broken slowed down and disturbed. The Photographer says I like it, most people will hate it.

Divide and Dissolve – Want

This is drone and electronics and I will need to hear it in context on the album, the Photographer agrees and says it’s two minutes of interlude.

Logisitcs – Taste (featuring T-Man)

This has an exotic flute to start and then goes into drum and bass, it’s a decent track with a good vocal. The Photographer says it’s a great retro drum and bass riff and for him it’s track of the week. Roger the cyclist hates it and Mark the happy cyclist says that it’s better than Dolly Parton.

Klara Lewis, Nik Colk Void – I’ll always

This is short with an unsettling vocal and drone, but it’s an album track. The Photographer agrees, it’s not a single, nice backwards vocals and we both want to hear the album.

Hidden Orchestra – Little Buddy Move

A melodic simple tune, expands and evolves along the way. It’s ace and it’s jazz, the Photographer dismisses it as Tinkly Winkly

Loma Prieta -One-Off part 2

This is shouty hardcore punk, melodic in its noise and a great track. The photographer says it’s got a weird bit in the middle but ultimately it’s got nothing has it?

Goat – Jazzman

This is from the Gallows Pole Soundtrack and if you’ve watched the excellent series it gets you, if not I’m not sure how much you’ll like it. The Photographer hasn’t watched the series and just says .. It is what it is.

Guitarmy of One – Kolchak Meets the Sea Mobster

This is a surfy twangy, sixties mystery spy film groove and is excellent. Mark the happy cyclist says that it’s an underground Russian band B52’s tribute band and the Photographer says it’s surfer secret agent music, it’s on the cover, I like that a lot.

John Metcalfe – Night

I like this, it’s Orchestral and cool The Photographer shrugs it off as Pastoral electronics.

Great Falls – Trap Feeding

This is Hardcore shouty lividness and it’s ace. The Photographer says it’s more shouty bollocks isn’t it

There you go, single of the week is the drum and bass excellence of Logistics (featuring T-Man) and Taste. If you disagree get in touch and tell us why.. you can listen to the whole playlist here..

All words by Adrian Bloxham, Martin Ward, Roger and Mark. Bad guy played this time by the Photographer.

Adrian Bloxham

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