2020 – The Writers View

Last week we gave you the records of the year chosen by our photographer, Martin Ward. This time it’s the writers choice, Adrian Bloxham. Who has been listening to anything and everything he could find. How else do you get… Continue Reading

Best of 2018 – The Writers View

It’s the last day of the year so it’s the perfect time to give you part two of Fighting Boredom’s review of 2018. Today it’s the writer, Adrian Bloxham’s choices.  They are different to those of the photographer that you… Continue Reading

The Groove Farm Christmas Party – Bristol – live review

The Groove Farm – Catenary Wires – Jetstream Pony – The Total Rejection – The Rev Johnny Kinkaid – Tim, Rob & Guests Play The Five Year Plan. 1st December 2018 For the second half of Fighting Boredom’s Pre-Christmas Road… Continue Reading