whenyoung – See How They Run – Single Review


See How They Run

Self Release – Download

Fighting Boredom review the new single from the wonderful whenyoung.

The debut single by whenyoung is a little slice of snotty teenage attitude. It’s self-released just as it should be and the two songs are short, fast and damn wonderful

‘See How They Run’ is a beat driven piece of indie pop cool, the slashes of guitar and cool female vocal drive it forward and just as you realise how much you like it, it’s finished. ‘Show Me How’ manages to squeeze a bored and strangely self-conscious vocal, a massive psychedelic break and even more attitude into barely two minutes forty seconds, it leaves you a little bewildered and definitely wanting more.

Whenyoung have given us a single that is worth five minutes of anyone’s time, listen to the song and you too will want more music from them.


whenyoung are on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Review by Adrian Bloxham.


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