Singles 14th April

Those of you that are paying attention may have realised that it’s been a bit of a gap between singles reviews. I’m not explaining, just be grateful that we are back sat in another pub. Not the usual one – that’s a whole different story.. Drinking beer and making each other giggle making comments about music. Hope you enjoy reading our ramblings. Carry on to find out what we thought this time..

Fever Ray – Shiver

This is disturbing electronic and filthy, I love it. The photographer says that the filthy background is ace, and wants to know if he has a Martin Bowes magic stick, he doesn’t mind it, in fact he quite likes it, like the cat whineynoise, just that it doesn’t get going and is a little too long.

Les Dunes – Mayhem in Hm

We both thought that this sounds like a Mogwai soundtrack record. Also it’s not a single, it’s blatantly just an album track lifted for PR purposes. Having said that we also thought it was good.

Midwife & Vyva Melinkolya – NMP

This is very shallow dreamy shoegazing. The photographer adds that it’s just dreary, no substance to it, and when it does get going four minutes in it still doesn’t get going properly.

Spotlights – Sunset Burial

A pop rock track, with whispery vocals so the girls will love it. The photographer says he likes it, nice dreamy vocal when it eventually gets going, it’s great, needs editing though.

Calexico – Black Heart

I thought this is a goodIndie torch song and I like it a lot, the Photographer however says that

It’s alright when they start chucking in the kitchen sink but it takes too long to get there, it’s not offensive.

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – Howl

This is a plodding weirdo lament, the Photographer responds with ‘What is this? it’s got no direction whatsoever? But I do like the squeaky bits’

A Cloud of Ravens – Parable

This is overblown Goth nonsense but I like it a lot. The photographer says it’s short enough not to really annoy him and it’s a bit goth.

Goat – Do The Dance (Shit & Shine Rework)

Absolute Bonkers fuzzy dance to leap about to like a maniac. The photographer agrees, Yeah, bonkers noise destruction at the start then an actual beat comes in and that’s just as bonkers! We like this one a lot.

Panic Shack – Meal Deal

I love Panic Shack, Baby Shack record is brilliant and this is ace too. Feed me, I’m skint and hungry! Political punky aceness! The Photographer liked it too, silly punky nonsense anti-establishment stupidity!

Dave Lombardo – Seperation From The Sacred

This is a bonkers drum solo track, the Photographer says that there is no context, it just sounds like some lunatic on a drum kit but it is excellent percussion. It is another track just lifted from an album that we think would stand better alongside the rest of the music.

Shangri-Lass – Parallel

This is a member of the brilliant Sister Wives, it’s a homage to girl bands and is great. The Photographer says that she downplays the vocal a bit too much – it’s alright.

Seven Impale – IKAROS

Admittedly this is on here to mess with the Photographer, a nine minute plus track of messy layered noisy spiky jazz that is excellent.. However, the Photographer says, I like the first four seconds, after that it’s just jazz noodling and I can leave it.

Moor Mother – We Got The Jazz

A confusing pile up of jazz noise with Moor Mother entwined inside it, I think it’s brilliant. The Photographer adds that it’s only a minute 40 so it’s better than the last track and he likes Moor mother plus it’s a bit hippity hoppity too.

Ky – Dragons

I thought that this was overpowering music with a clear vocal and quite disturbing. The Photographer thought it had a bit of the old Polly Harvey but not as good, but it has got that vibe. it’s alright I like it.

Swans – Paradise Is Mine

This is the first release off the new Swans album and it is as powerful as ever, the vocal is gentle for Mr Gira but the music is relentless. The Photographer says that this is blatantly lifted from the album to appease the lunatics who preordered 18 months ago, of which he is one. He’s blatantly not a singer and the track needs context to the album, it’s menacing and good that it’s not got the kitchen sink thrown at it.

Loose Sutures – Highway Shooter

This is fuzzy punk rock crossed with old metal and has a great vocal. The Photographer expands this with, it’s like a mad Black Sabbath track like early metal, it’s alright.. plus you can’t beat a gimp mask on the cover! It’s also got hints of Electric Wizard and lunatics like that!

Pynch – Tin Foil

This is a decent quirky indie crossed with post punk track. The photographer says it’s just a nice and short enough cheeky little tune with a cheeky little vocal.

On Man – Darks – Mogwai Remix

This is ace wonky electronics with calm guitar layers, I did like the On Man album so this is a different side to the sound. The Photographer says that it’s just mogwai, a mogwai soundtrack record, it’s great because i like mogwai, if you don’t like mogwai you are going to hate it.

Divide and Dissolve – Blood Quantum

I really like this, beautiful strings and crushing debilitating guitars and drums it’s a good track from an excellent album. The Photographer however says that it’s not Sun(((O))) which they are trying to be, genuinely not as good, not growly enough. We also have an argument about how to spell Sun(((O))) but that’s not really relevant. Except to say that I was right.

Klara Lewis, Nik Colk Void – Work It Out

Just over a minute of unrelenting static and noise, wonderful. The Photographer thinks it’s great but he needs to listen to the rest of the album, it’s just mad electronics!

Howlin’ Sun – All Night Long

This is an okay Blues rock track, The Photographer sums it up with Lazy Lynryd Skynryd

Suicide – Born In The USA – Live in Paris

We both agree that the inro says it all on this track, they do fuck it up and they do it with style, excellent.

FACS – Constellation

Led by a great bassline, a cool post punk nasty track. The Photographer says that it’s another track of two halves, the first half has a vocal and it’s great. However the second half does not have a vocal and i’m not convinced, it doesn’t grab me, but I’m giving them the  benefit of the doubt as I’ve heard them before and like what I’ve heard.

Poison Ruin – Torture Chamber

This is a Hardcore metal/punk crossover and is nice and shouty, noisy and cool. The photographer was waiting for the rolling drum to start, says it’s not too insane all in one go. It takes a while to get there.. but it does get there.

Godflesh – Nero

It has a small start then goes straight into the noise that only Godflesh can get right. The Photographer, who, for reference is a huge Godflesh fan, says It starts off like Godflesh nasty bass and Justin shouting it has everything that a godflesh track needs, it just doesn’t quite grab me. It’s alright, okay just not great.

Grave Desecrator – Fogo Fátuo

This is an insanely fast and battering black metal track, with a band name of Grave Desecrator I really couldn’t leave it out, plus, it’s brilliant. The photographer agrees, it’s Ace, it’s got  fifty mile an hour drums and if he had three legs he’d play three bass drums. For both of us it’s very close to single of the week.

Shakin’ Stevens – All You Need Is Greed

Shaky gets political, the photographer sent me this and told me to listen to it, I nearly refused, it turns out that it’s single of the week Shakin’ Stevens at his absolute peak.

So, another review from the pub, an unexpected single of the week and a whole lot more for you to argue with us about, have a read, and a listen then get in touch and tell us what we got wrong.

All words by Adrian Bloxham and Martin Ward, table provided and beer purchased by and from the Old Windmill in Coventry

Adrian Bloxham

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