Rainbow Grave / Orthodox Split 7″ – Single Review

Rainbow Grave – Death Pyramid / Orthodox – Spain Is The Place

God Unknown Records

7″/ DL

Also part of the God Unknown Singles Club Volume 3

God Unknown Records have gathered the cream of the underground for their limited split 7″ singles clubs, this time around it’s the turn of the bleakest band Fighting Boredom know, Rainbow Grave and Free Jazz Insanity from Orthodox. 

Fighting Boredom like Rainbow Grave, we like the bleak, utterly darkness of their music and the scorn and hatred that flows through their music like lumps of sewage in an oily clogging drain. The fact that their live shows are littered with the blackest humour adds to the whole spectacle. This single is part of the God Unknown Singles club part 3 and is, as you might expect, excellently horrible.
The music is rudimental, sludge driven and grindingly slow, the vocals are high and oddly wavering and the whole thing drags on for six minutes. The overriding lyric is Nic shouting Die” it’s a perfect slab of sound.
Orthodox play free jazz, which equates to a free form sax and drum rampage for another six minutes which certainly grabs your attention if only to wonder what the hell is going on. No really, it’s frantic and completely chaotic which balances out the Rainbow Grave track perfectly. 

Rainbow Grave are on Facebook and Tweet as @RainbowGrave.

Orthodox are on Facebook and Colin Webster from the band has a Bandcamp page.

God Unknown Record’s bandcamp page is here, they are also on facebook.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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