New Tracks – July 2017

headphonesFighting Boredom gets sent an enormous amount of music every week. We try and put up a new video or track page when we have enough stuff that we think is worth sharing out to you all.So here’s this month’s round up of new stuff from Bandcamp that we think is good. Read what we think and then play them loudly.




LA Witch – Kill My Baby Tonight

Surf tinged guitars, epic night time sleazy sixties sounding music and a distorted drawled vocal, a great track with the album to follow in September

Jaunita Stein – I’ll Cry

Howling Bells Jaunita Stein releases her solo album at the end of July. This is a gentle country shuffle with a truly lovely vocal, think broken hearts and lost dreams.

Sextile – Who Killed Six

From their new album out next week, you get punk snarly attitude and deliciously fuzzed music, this is great.

Boris – Memento Mori

Boris’ new album is also out next week and it looks like it’s going to be unmissable. This si the second track we have heard and it’s heavy, epic and fantastic

Circle – Kill City

Nasty, Heavy Rock goodness from the best dressed band in Finland, the vocalist seems to be speaking in tongues and the music is off the wall, just listen

EX EYE – Xenolith; The Anvil

Frighteningly heavy and massive, this is just great.

Heinali & Matt Finney – Relationship Goals

An unsettling eight minute shiny ambient meander.

Annie Hart – I Don’t Want Your Love

Breathless, understated static drenched indie love song.

Esther Joy – Samgel

Unsettling, pulsating Electro Punk. From the EP Psychic Tears out in August.

White Wine – Killer Brilliance

Twisted and strange song with a rich vocal. A must listen.


All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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