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parasite coverThe Coathangers

Parasite EP

Suicide Squeeze Records

Out Now

Atlanta Trio The Coathangers have just released a new EP, Fighting Boredom liked their last album ‘Nosebleed Weekend’ a lot so have been looking forward to their next release. Five tracks in thirteen minutes, read what we thought below

Coathangers are snotty, full of attitude and just about pretty bloody perfect. They play fuzzy poppy punky music, very occasionally badly in the case of the false start to Wipe Out but when they get into their stride the harmonies and the guitars carry me off into the Punk horizon. This is their next release following the album Nosebleed Weekend’, I mean how perfect a name is that for a record?
I’m a sucker for a female vocal and the harmonies make it for me. Add to that the huge drums and bass and that fuzzed out glorious guitar and this is a great little EP.
From the fuzzy shouting of Parasite, a call to arms against people sucking away your soul, to the lovely slow Hawaiian groove of Drifter with it’s gorgeous harmonies and feeling of losing yourself, it is a taster of the band that will, I’m sure, lead to you discovering the rest of their catalogue. There is an ode to the obliterating power of alcohol and the lack of any remorse after an all out binge in Wipeout’ and a song to say goodbye in Captain’s Dead’, which is about acceptance, which speeds up as it goes on.

Coathangers are garage punk rock’n’roll with harmonies and stuff. Which needs to be played as inhumanly loud as you can get it. A great EP.

The Coathangers website is, they are also on Facebook.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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