Gunther Prague – One Hundred Schillings Louder EP – EP review

Gunther Prague – One Hundred Schillings Louder EP

Creature Lab Records

Cassette – DL

Out on Cassette Store Day 2019 -12th of October 2019

Gunther Prague are from Coventry and say to ‘Think of Shellac vs Cardiacs or Minutemen playing metal.’ to describe their sound, which Fighting Boredom feel is pretty accurate. This EP is coming out on Cassette for Cassette Store Day 2019 and you can get hold of it at Fighting Boredom’s favourite record shop Just Dropped In records.

Listening to Gunther Prague is like being in a fistfight. They come at you like a boxer, controlled stabs of knuckles, precise movements and always guarded. It’s also fast, over quickly, there are nine tracks and none of them are three minutes long. They are clear, you can hear every scathing, angry spiteful word being shouted and sung. It sounds like they hurt themselves too. Bloody throats, shredded fingertips and bruised wrists are quite possibly a result of this sonic assault.
The music is a mixture of the stabbing shards and huge angular slamming guitar attacks of post hardcore, think Big Black. Hard, off time intricate hard drumming and bass lines that confuse and make this half a tangled utter mess and the other half intricate and knotted tight. But whichever way the songs go they are nothing short of examples of excellent post hard-core anger and spite.
Like an argument being held with ten people at once, like throwing breeze blocks off a council flat balcony, this hits hard and fast. Out on cassette for Cassette store day, get hold of it.

Gunther Prague are on Facebook and have a Bandcamp page

You can find all the details of Cassette Store Day 2019 on the website.

Just Dropped In Records have a Facebook Page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.


Adrian Bloxham

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