BPMF – Divide the Slide – EP review

BPMF – Divide the Slide EP

Bass Agenda Recordings


Out Now

Jason Szostek aka BPMF has a long and illustrious history in electronic music, since the nineties he has been experimenting and building his back catalogue. This release is a step away from the general Techno formula and gives a wonderfully challenging take on the music. Fighting Boredom like repetitive bleeping and squelches so this is a treat.

Fighting Boredom like techno, the picture snapper is the source of most of the techno that finds us nodding our heads and losing ourselves in. Infectious, repetitive and cool, that’s how I define the best techno I know. BPMF has all this and sounds smooth, charged with electricity and able to keep you dancing until your shins splinter or exhaustion takes over, yet for at least fifty percent of the release underneath the beats and squelches and electro he sounds as if he’s broken the music and stuck it back together clumsily with cheap glue, slashed the tape and used children’s patterned sellotape to patch it back together. It’s strange, skips beats and if you concentrate on it, makes you uncertain and dance with a limp.

Five tracks that sound their best at extreme volume with all the bass in the world. None under five minutes long and all just the right side of warped and wrong.

You can get hold of the EP on the Bass Agenda Bandcamp page.

Adrian Bloxham

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