The Mudd Club – Bottle Blonde – album review

The Mudd Club – Bottle Blonde

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The Mudd club say that they ‘are a Garage-Punk band consisting of guitarist Sadie Capps, Drummer Julian West and bassist Huw Hickman. Sadie and Julian grew up in landlocked Lawrence, Kansas where they developed an affinity for surf music and record collecting, both of which inspired them to venture up to their attic to bash out surf tunes and mutant strains of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s rock n roll.’ Fighting Boredom has been listening to them, this is what we thought.

It sounds like a bunch of kids have snaffled a lorry load of sweets, high caffeine fizzy pop and their wonky neighbours priceless collection of sixties garage and seventies punk seven inch singles. Ran away screaming at each other as they hide the loot and then, after scoffing and digesting the lot bounced around a badly soundproofed attic creating the best slice of teenage, fuzzed, naughty, nasty, punked out rock’n’roll since I don’t remember. It’s quite a record.

Three strange facts about The Mudd Club, that may indeed may not be facts. They were discovered by the PR department of Raving Pop Blast records while busking in fish masks on a beach while he was on a weekend caravan break. The gold vinyl version of their record was, in the contract, supposed to be solid 22 carat but by the time they realised it wasn’t solid gold it was too late to back out, hence the remarks about beautiful plastic gold records on at least one live stream. The brother and sister that make up the drums, guitar and vocals section of the band are from Kansas and wrote a surf song about the state despite there being no sea, they now live in Machynlleth Wales and I have no idea at all why. I only made up one of those. Well, maybe two.

The music is a mixture of high octane rockabilly, twangy fuzzy surf and nasty garage songs. They are infectious and madly addictive. I don’t thin any of the songs lasts longer than two and a half minutes, but I’m not checking so could be wrong. This review isn’t being fact verified and is all the better for it.

Just listen to the muddy goodness of these songs, they handle, boredom, being skint, hating things, love, surfing, badly dying hair and anything else they can think of. I can’t wait to see them live. Get on to this, highly recommended.

The Mudd Club’s website is, they are also on Facebook and have a Bandcamp page where you can buy the album.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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