Sigiriya – Maiden Mother Crone – album review

Sigiriya – Mother – Maiden – Crone

Burning World Records

LP / DL / CD – Out 15th April

Welsh mountain men and valley crawlers Sigiriya release their new album Mother – Maiden – Crone after ‘Personal trauma, mental and physical health issues, and even new drummer Rhys Miles staring down the grim Reaper directly, have taken their toll’ but this has resulted in a classic Metal creation. Fighting Boredom have been listening, read what we think below.

This is the sound of thunderheads growing over a mountain, scree falling down into a clear deep lake high in a lost valley. It’s the sound of power and triumph. It’s the sound of Metal done properly and well. Not derivative or calling on past glories, just the sound of immense guitars echoing across scrubby grass and cold, hard rock faces. 

Sigiriya are from the wild places in Wales, the high broken crags and the low lush valleys. They have a massive, epic sound driven by guitars, bass and drums. This is about power, the power of sound amplified and gut thumping. Heavy Metal was my first musical obsession and it’s never really left me, this calls on all those connections in my brain that remember the feeling of headbanging at the front of a Saxon gig, launching myself into the melee of a Janes Addiction crowd as the curtains open onto the stage and launching myself into space at a Napalm Death gig hand in hand with my friend. Metal is power, guitars, drums and bass, done properly it is seriously unbeatable and the measured epic songs here are done properly.

This album has been made under the shadow of trauma but the music here is cathartic and whole, it’s an album to lift you up even in darkness and strife, it’s a proper Metal album. Epic and whole, we highly recommend it.

Sigiriya are on Facebook and are on the Burning World Bandcamp page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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