Mudd Club – LOVEBITES – Anna B Savage – 7Seconds – album reviews

Fighting Boredom gives you four new albums we’ve been listening to, garage delinquents The Mudd Club, Japanese all female Metalheads LOVEBITES, classic US hardcore 7seconds and the emotional lost sound of Anna B Savage. See what we thought of them below..

The Mudd Club – Give Me A Thrill

Raving Pop Blast

This is the second album from the brilliantly young delinquents from Wales by way of Kansas. Bringing their blend of fuzz, groove infested beats and lazy, drawled vocals. If you heard their first album you know what this sounds like. They operate an if it’s not broke don’t fix it attitude and it works. 

Look, just imagine that your odd little cousins got hold of a load of Cramps and Mudhoney albums and locked themselves away with them for a couple of months. Then stole, demanded or bought the best instruments they could. That is what this sounds like. 

It’s a Rock’n’Roll record, a fuzzed out grimy, sweaty, sexy hunk of music. It screams out for kids punching each other on dancefloors, posters on walls and worldwide fame and adulation. It’s ace, just take my word for it. When have I ever let you down?

LOVEBITES – Judgement Day

JPU Records

For Music played by beautiful Japanese women dressed like film stars at the Oscars, this is not what you expect to hear. What you get is bonkers thrash epic heavy metal, sorry, I mean BONKERS! THRASH! HEAVY! METAL! It’s epic and frantic. I’m unsure whether I prefer the vocals to the usual grunting and screaming that goes with this music, it’s more of a classic Metal voice and works. 

There’s snatches of a punk dirty bass in there along side the thunderous drumming and widdling guitar. Plus the harmonies are refreshingly low and grimy set against the pure high lead vocal. Occasionally it gets lighter too, less heavy metal and more epic rock, but that doesn’t matter, the whole thing in itself is what matters and it sounds quite wonderful and great to me.

7Seconds – Walk Together Rock Together

Trust Records

Classic US hardcore from Reno. You know what this sounds like, short, hard, fast and an exhalation of fury fuelled by teenage angst. Powerless against the system they let it all out by creating this music and thrashing it out on the dancefloor as their bands played. Ian MacKaye sings backing vocals and produces this slice of adrenalin. Even the terrible Nena cover doesn’t ruin this. It’s all good. 

Anna B Savage – in|FLUX

City Slang

This is not an easy listen. It’s emotional, lost, lonely and seems to barely holding on for most of the time. Anna’s voice is very nearly broken, as if she’s forcing the words out. It’s not all about falling apart, the end of the record is moving forward and releasing the sadness, wanting to be touched but not knowing how and trying. It’s all about trying, about understanding and accepting what forms us and how others effect us, how to move on from those feelings and how sometimes it’s just to hard to do. The music echoes the vocal, it’s synth and beats, it’s acoustic guitar strummed, it’s brighter and lighter, it’s throbbing synths and a jazz feel. It’s all of these and more, it sounds like raw emotion and deserves to be listened to. As I said, not an easy listen but one that I’m glad that I did.

The Mudd Club’s website is, they are on Facebook, Instagram and have a Bandcamp page.

LOVEBITES’ website is, they are on Facebook and Instagram.

7Seconds are on Instagram and Tweet as @7seconds

Anna B Savage’s website is She is on Facebook, Instagram and has a Bandcamp page. She tweets as @annabsavage

All words by Adrian Bloxham


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  1. There wasn’t a sample of Anna B savages stuff. But in my true review fashion. All good 👍😁

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