Lux & Ivy Dig Crime Jazz – Film Noir Grooves and Dangerous Liaisons – Various Artists – album review

Various Artists – Lux and Ivy Dig Crime Jazz: Film Noir Grooves & Dangerous Liaisons

Cherry Red


Out Now

Cherry Red’s latest collection from the vaults of Lux and Ivy is a ‘Dramatic, dark and daring jazz compilation collected from a brace of late ‘50s exploitation movies and TV soundtracks. An audio masterclass for fans of drive-in movies and Alex Cox’s Moviedrome.’ Fighting Boredom have been listening, read what we thought below.

Tip that fedora forwards over your eyebrows and scowl as you lift a cigarette to your lips. A scrape of a match on plain brick and a flare of light on your old suit and tie. This is music to walk around with in your head. It’ll transform a walk to the supermarket for a pint of milk to a black and white film noir adventure dodging stray bullets, broken nosed thugs with bruised knuckles and beautiful dames with short skirts and shorter morals. It’s a slice of all those movies your parents loved when you were a kid.

Reeking of smoke, steam and fog. Conjured up in smoke filled rooms and musicians who instinctively knew each others every thought. This is the sound of lost souls in alleyways and dark dancehalls and the fact that it has come out as another Lux and Ivy compilation is truly fitting.

Remember, don’t fear the jazz, don’t let these sounds make you glance over your shoulder for a lurking shadow. Don’t let them grab the beautiful girl next to you to tango across the room. Don’t let them takeover. They will get under your skin and inside you. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

Full Tracklist

  1. Henry Mancini – Touch Of Evil – Main Title
  2. Warren Barker – Harlem Nocturne
  3. Elmer Bernstein – The Man With The Golden Arm
  4. Elmer Bernstein – MacDougal Street Special (From Johnny Staccato Score)
  5. Alex North – Floozie
  6. Kai Winding – Experiment In Terror
  7. Ray Anthony – Dragnet
  8. Henry Mancini – Blue Steel
  9. Chico Hamilton – Sweet Smell Of Success Jazz Club
  10. Henry Mancini – Son Of Raunchy
  11. Henry Mancini – Goofin’ At The Coffee House
  12. Bobby Troup – [Get Your Kicks On] Route 66
  13. Paul Hampton – Two Hour Honeymoon
  14. Elmer Bernstein – Staccato’s Theme (From Johnny Staccato Score)
  15. Gerry Mulligan – Poker Game
  16. Leith Stevens – Daddy Long Legs
  17. Henry Mancini – Odd Ball
  18. Frankie Ortega And Sy Oliver – After Sunset
  19. Miles Davis – Générique
  20. Henry Mancini – A Quiet Gass
  21. Andre Previn – Like Blue
  22. Henry Mancini – Lightly
  23. Frankie Ortega And Sy Oliver – Lady In Distress
  24. Gerry Mulligan – End Title

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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