Jeffk – Tar

Jeffk – Tar

Golden Antenna Records

Out Now

Jeffk are a Leipzig-based dystopian post-rock instrumental band. Their second album Tar is out now, they say that “The album title TAR refers to mankind’s tendency to cover their paradise with concrete, thus robbing it of its qualities and depriving themselves of habitat in order to create a new ‘paradise’ that doesn’t come close to the previously destroyed one.”

There are quiet beautiful moments on the record. But they are merely the breath you take in before the heavy breath out. The drums and bass can be funky, slow, jazz grooving but over the top of it all is the guitar. Even when the beat is slow and cool the guitars dominate. It’s not like they take over as much as smother everything in your head completely. When it gets heavy, and trust me it does, when it gets heavy it’s pulverising. But it’s not thrash, it’s not blackened, it’s not any type of metal. It has more in common with bands like Mogwai and God Speed You! Black Emperor in the melodic and layered sound.

The photographer has had it on rotation since the last singles review in the pub and I’m not far behind. Give it a listen.

Jeffk are on Facebook and have Instagram and Bandcamp pages.

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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