Immersion – Sleepless – album review

Immersion – Sleepless



Out June 15th

Immersion are a Brighton based duo featuring Wire frontman Colin Newman and Minimal Compact’s Malka Spigel. Their new album Sleepless is electronic music that is ‘lush, detailed and smartly executed’.
Read what Fighting Boredom think below.
This is a collection of instrumental pieces of music. It’s peaceful and gentle. It will suck you way inside itself and beyond. I’ve found it quite addictive. Whatever you are doing it will rescue from the mundane and transplant you somewhere far more interesting. It all feels like movement, flowing or moving forwards. There’s no pausing or stopping, once you are inside the sound it hangs on to you as you are swept away. It’s electronic music with an organic living feel about it.
The sounds are mostly uplifting and bright, giving the impression of brilliant sunlight and bright cloudless skies in ‘Microclimate’ and the perky ‘Hovertron’. There are droning Velvet layered moments particularly in ‘Off Grid’. Then there is the feeling of a parade passing in a small town that I felt in ‘Manic Toys’ that goes into the slower menace of ‘Seeing Is Believing’. It’s a wonderfully thought out achievement that the music fits so well and you don’t want it too stop. Each song is long and you feel that they could be a lot longer without losing their impact.
This is a perfectly formed record, it feels whole, timeless and a classic. It’s a treat, so listen to it.

Immersion have a Facebook page. You can buy the record from the swim~ page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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