Fütumche! – A Healthy Dose Of Fear

Fütumche! – A Healthy Dose Of Fear


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Fütumche! describe themselves as ‘an alternative rock/post punk band formed in January 2016, Coventry.’ They released their new album earlier in 2022, Fighting Boredom have been fans since we first saw them play live, read what we think of ‘A Healthy Dose Of Fear’ below.

Fütumche! are a three piece band from Coventry. That’s where the logical description ends and I fall very slowly down a rabbit hole of discord, guitar abuse. More gigantic drums than you can imagine and funky, punky sleazy bass lines. You see there is no tying these people down, no musical genre, note that I sneered when I said that, no musical genre that can encompass them. They have more ideas in the span of one song than some bands have in their entire career. The ideas that any sane and balanced person might say, well let’s save that one for another song, just get played, as they happen as they should be. As they do. You don’t understand? Stick the record on and fall into it with me.

There’s no right or wrong way to listen to this, the only thing I would say is that if you control heavy machinery or drive down narrow hedged country roads it’s probably best if you leave this until you get home. This is convoluted, spiraling, incessantly inventive and different to anything else I’ve heard this year. The vocalists give you rants dripping with sarcasm and spite, emotional rambles scarred with sadness and big enormous harmonies, never ever in the order or place you expect each one to be. Some of this sounds like jazz, some sounds like hardcore punk, other bits sound like epic stadium rock. Quirked out messiness clashes and bleeds into angular hard post punk spikes. Synth lines battle techno electronic chaos. It’s like being winded, you get back up again but you’re not really sure what happened to you.

In essence. Fütumche! are unlike much you’ve heard before and will be something you want to hear again. A Healthy Dose Of Fear never really hurt anybody, but then again…

Fütumche! are on Facebook, have Bandcamp and Instagram pages.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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