Dead Sea Apes – Night Lands – album review

Dead Sea Apes – Night Lands

Cardinal Fuzz

Out Now

LP – DL – CD

Dead Sea Apes’ new album was
‘Recorded live in the rehearsal room last December, the newly expanded 4 piece Dead Sea Apes lock into spooky nocturnal grooves, augmented by Nik Rayne (The Myrrors) who was over in the UK for the month.’ Fighting Boredom have been listening, read what we thought below.

My suit is patched through and through, it feels like it’s leaking but if it was I’d be long dead by now. The planet is dark, the stars spread over it like a suffocating quilt. There are shards of rock, massive geometric crystals reaching up into the black. I’m walking, because that’s all that’s left, walking on across this strange, unmapped landscape.

The first of the three tracks that Dead Sea Apes created live in the studio is a long, long piece of work, it sounds like a journey across alien landscapes at night. There’s a savage beauty and hint of terror to it’s construction and as it progresses you get a feeling of moonlight slowly seeping across your face. The tension in the music grows to reflect you moving further and further from safety.It’s a fluid groove that goes louder then quieter but over such a period that you’re not sure exactly when it changes. 

The second track echoes the first but has more smaller sounds, feels more disjointed and takes longer for you to find the pattern the feeling is that the ground has turned harsher, you are lost and alone and the music is bubbling over broken rocks and glass, ruins and concrete split open. The sound turns to feedback and noise the drums get stronger too. There’s psych, drone and an easing back to a  repetitive low bass tune that slows and ends

A Slow Heart Beats Hard is built around a stronger guitar sound, slow high and still moving forwards but brighter and focused towards an ending. Absorbing and focused.

Dead Sea Apes have created a soundscape of alien feelings and places. It’s an album to put on as you stare out into space and lose yourself floating into the darkness.

Dead Sea Apes website is they are on Facebook, and Tweet as @deadseaapes. You can get the album from Cardinal Fuzz’s Bandcamp Page.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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