Das Fluff – Anxiety Dreams – album review

Das Fluff – Anxiety Dreams


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London and Berlin based Das Fluff recently released their new album of decadent ‘Post Punk Electro Filth’ Fighting Boredom have been listening, read what we thought below.

Das Fluff describe themselves as post punk electro filth. They sound like the band you find playing in the cellar of a forgotten half derelict club on the outskirts of a beautiful glass and steel European city. They feel like they belong with buzzing neon signs and dark tables, sticky with spilt spirits playing on a tiny stage as the decadent and lost dance away until the end. On their Facebook page they say they are based in London and Berlin. This album reflects that to a tee. A small niggling beat in a faceless city.

You can see the singer, bleach blonde and perfect, prowling the room, scaring and delighting people at the same time. Their’s is a compulsion, an edge to the underground, the counterpart to the popular culture of electronica. It might seem pretentious and self serving but then, that’s the whole point of this music isn’t it? This is one part KMFDM to one part Depeche Mode to one part Industrial nastiness circa Ministry and the like with a shot goth masterpiece. If you danced your hearts out to Trent Reznor’s works and listened to Soft Cell in your bedroom then this is for you. 

It starts full of paranoia and sleaze, like a slick sheen of sweat on a chromium bar. It’s the black spots in front of your eyes when you’ve reached the limit, the grazed bloody skin when you fall. 
That culminates in the nuclear threat of ‘Obey’ and then slips into something softer and more soulful. This serves the album well, it changes but doesn’t lose it’s seductive, sleazy veneer. An album to listen to after dark, with the curtains wide open as you watch the bombs fall outside.

Das Fluff’s website is dasfluff.com, they have a Bandcamp page, are on Facebook and Tweet as @dasfluff.com

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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