Colossloth – Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth – Album Review

COLOSSLOTH Outstretch Your Hand - Lo res album cover for webColossloth

Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth

Cold Spring Records

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Colossloth hails from Leicestershire, Colossloth ‘makes psychogeographic maladies and invocations to warm the heart of the discerning and intrepid psychonaut.’ Fighting Boredom feel that they fit nicely into that description so have been listening, read what we think below.

There are people in this world who are happy buying two albums a year and listening to them on their car stereo when they drive to and from work. There are people who buy albums by Phil Collins and Mumford and Sons and then listen to the impeccable sound quality and musicianship. They have bright lives and watch mundane television while drinking instant coffee. These are not the sort of people that could listen to Colossloth.

The people that listen to Colossloth know that there is more out there. They know when an Italian death metal duo are playing a small pub in Birmingham. Or when the new Andy Stott album comes out. They don’t necessarily look any different to you or me but behind their eyes is a tiny fire that was never drowned by bland music and growing up.

Colossloth is tall, with cropped hair and smiles a lot. His music however doesn’t sound like it’s supposed to make you grin, it sounds like you are standing on the blackened fields of an industrial wasteland as fire rains down around you and infernal hosts march forward to war. Phil Collins it’s not. This album is outstanding, bloody disturbing, but outstanding all the same. It’s the kind of thing you might hear if someone had ever made a proper soundtrack to the Hellraiser films, I know Coil released theirs but this is far better. Or decided to think about what a fairground populated by tattooed demons might sound like.

This review has quite a lot of references to darkness and hell, from this you may discern that Colossloth is some kind of metal music. The only reference to metal here is the clanking of insane industries and the distorted sharpening of knives. The songs have titles like ‘Cave In We Are Complete’ or ‘Of Talons & Teeth’ and the sounds are a mixture of static, drones, odd samples and snatches of music and anything else that can be thrown in to make this even more uncomfortable.

Fighting Boredom saw Colossloth supporting Ovo and Khost a couple of years ago and even then the noise that he made from his board of electronics in front of the stage was infernal and all encompassing. Now it’s unstoppable, this music will haunt you, it will come to you in your dreams as the world breathes it’s last. A triumph for the outer edge of music, the wastelands that so many people won’t go to but those that do never really make it back.

Colossloth can be found on Facebook and Tweets as @Colossloth.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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