Chicken Diamond – Bad Man – album review

Chicken Diamond – Bad Man

Beast Records

LP – DL – CD

Out April 2020

On his sixth album on the mighty Beast Records, French one man fuzzed to hell bluesman Chicken Diamond gives us Bad Man. Fighting Boredom have been listening, read what we think below.

It’s not loud enough. The fuzz isn’t making your skull ache and the drum isn’t kicking you in the gut. I’m not sure you can get enough volume for this though. I need a drink and a shave, this grey beard is starting to irritate me. I’ve not left the house for a week and the whiskey is down to the last few drops. Chicken Diamond is back and the demonic fuzz and noise is rolling on, filthy and hard.

There’s a moment right at the end of the introspective despair of the title track, as Chicken Diamond admits that he’s a bad man but states ‘I’m too good for you’, when the whole thing shifts around  and the blues groove is tipped onto it’s head. It’s real. Hard edged and real. The album is his best yet, the fact that it’s just him still boggles the brain and I stand by my statement that he is in fact backed by denizens of hell’s bars, music from the inferno.

The music is crawling with attitude and swagger. It’s like blues flattened by rocks and gravel, punk beaten down or Rock as it was meant to be played but never was, all with a haze of cheap cigarette smoke and whiskey breath surrounding it. Don’t listen to it as you walk around, you’ll know that the hell hounds are at your heels.. and running for your life isn’t the same as jogging to nice safe music.

His name is still Charles Chicken Diamond but letting us know just how bad he is has resulted in his best album. So far. Who knows what’s coming next…

Chicken Diamond’s website is, he is also on Facebook.

All words by Adrian Bloxham

Adrian Bloxham

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