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Brodka – Brut

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Żywiec-born, Warsaw-based singer-songwriter Brodka has been and is a child prodigy, TV talent show winner, multi-platinum artist, pop provocateur and conceptual artist. She released her fifth album at the end of May and Fighting Boredom have been listening.

This is a pop album with the self assured confidence of a performer who knows she is a star. I was dragged into her orbit with the single ‘Game Change’ which has a concrete brutalist hardness behind the synths and beats. I like this album, there isn’t a formula for the songs, there’s only really one thing holding it all together and that’s Brodka’s vocals, a slight accent and whichever expression or emotion she’s choosing to show in each track. Skittering beats and shining synths slide into aggressive drums and guitars. It’s a definite pop album but it wavers outside of the tracks, wobbly in places and slow and sensual in others.

There are sad and emotional songs, songs that sound like they belong inside a noir thriller. oscillating noises and funky drumming. It’s dramatic and sexy, smooth and pure. It’s pop music done with an off centre groove. So dance to it.

Brodka’s website is She is on Facebook and Tweets as @BrodkaOfficial.

All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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