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Black Mekon play primordial distorted Rock’n’Roll from the black hearts of demons dressed in sharp suits and superhero masks, they say they are from Birmingham but they sound like they hail from far from where we know. Fighting Boredom review their new album One In The Hate, read what we think below.

Black Mekon want you to remember, they want you to remember when the best music in the world came out on little seven inch slices of cheap plastic in paper sleeves that tore, faded and got thrown around bedrooms everywhere. Black Mekon reckon that if you want their music bad enough you’ll go back to buying singles, they were right, I did. They came wrapped in a black mask. What more could I have wanted. That’s easy, I wanted an album. Guess what came next.
This record is distorted, I mean the fuzz is heavy enough to wreck your stylus, burn out your speakers and make your amp vomit up static. It sounds dirty, in every sense of the word. Every note is a glorious fuzzy, distorted, massive noise and it fucking rocks. This is primal rockabilly werewolf monster music, you can hear it howling at the moon in the swamps. It’s an album to play so loud that the spirits of long gone teenage drag racers can hear it. It’s astounding.
The songs are razor sharp and pared down to the bone, there’s no waste here, no slack, no filler whatsoever. The longest song is three minutes and sixteen seconds long, the majority hover around the two minute mark. 
This record leaves you feeling dirty, the sleaze and sex embedded in it’s cuts are overwhelming, just listening to Salt Liquor makes you feel like you’ve been drinking bad moonshine with a  beautiful switchblade carrying pinup. As they shake out of the album with a blast of mayhem and harp they state, quite rightly, that no prom would have them play. The vibe is corrupted youth, the feel is pure rockabilly smashed out of its face and the groove is just undeniable.
This record is pretty much perfect, I mean look at the titles of the songs, Janey Was A Klepto, Frank Died Hanging From An Electric Fence, it goes on. The music is pure leather jacket be-quiffed demonic and if your hips don’t swivel of their own accord about half way through Fresh Hell you’re already dead. It’s laced with hate and cool, they tell you to hold onto your hate because that’s all you have in the end, it’s a Cramped out rock’n’roll fuzz fest and we love it.

Black Mekon’s webpage is, they are also on Facebook, Bandcamp and Tweet as @blackmekon

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All words by Adrian Bloxham.

Adrian Bloxham

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